The Hipstography Awards 2017 – The Ceremony

By on February 3, 2018


Welcome to the Hipstography Awards 2017


Launched on December 29th, 2012, Hipstography just celebrated its 5th anniversary. The past year has, once again, been splendidly inspiring and rich in content with over 150 published series on the site, showing the continuing power of Hipstamatic and the creativity that flows from its community.

Ever since the first edition of the Hipstography Awards, it has been clear, above all else, that it presents the perfect opportunity to look back over the past several months. And while the Awards remain a competition where some win and others do not, even still it offers an equally lovely moment to get together and admire the multitude of possibilities offered by a tool that literally turned the world of photography upside-down. Thanks again to Hipstamatic for enabling millions of users to unite behind a novel vision of photography.

At the risk of repeating myself, I would like to personally thank all hipstographers who have allowed me to publish their pictures since 2012. You are the people who make the site what it is. Thank you also for your votes, which were added to the jury’s, to help determine the winners of this year.

The format of the Ceremony is identical to prior years: we will start with "The Major Prizes Awards", consisting of 19 awards for 19 pictures.

This is followed by "The Special Awards": these are the series the individual jury members personally fell in love with. Some hipstographers left such an impression that a few of the jury members wanted to congratulate them for their efforts and talents with a "Special Award".

To close the Ceremony, we address "The Grand Prizes Awards" which recognizes the most beautiful series of the year: six of these Awards will be handed over to six artists for their published series in the Combos section, while five of them will go to another five artists for their Portfolios.

Before we kick off the festivities, I want to thank all the members of the Jury who, despite their heavy schedules, dedicated their time to participate in these Hipstography Awards. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the Jury of the Hipstography Awards 2017:


Known for his collaborative work with film directors, such as
Ridley Scott, Tony Scott and J.J. Abrams, and for his work
as the director of photography on "Star Wars: The Force Awakens":

Dan Mindel


They are world-renown photographers and artists whose names
have been associated with a number of Hipstamatic lenses:

Victoria Will
Chris Hornbecker
Chiun-Kai Shih
David Loftus
Elijah Nouvelage


Acknowledged journalists, photojournalists and pioneers in the mobile
photography scene, inspiring many a-user with their professional know-how:

Graeme Roy
Patrick Baz
Richard Koci Hernandez
Samuel Gasc


They are in fact… Hipstamatic:

Ryan Dorshorst
Lucas Buick
Aravind Kaimal
Mario Estrada
Allan Bedford


More details about them will emerge during the Ceremony itself, so without any more hesitation, here are the first winners of the Hipstography Awards 2017!
Let’s get this party started!!
Eric Rozen


The Ceremony takes up a full 18 pages! All you need to do is click
the red button at the bottom of each page... follow the guide.
You can also choose which page you want to access via
the individual links to each separate page.


First part of the Hipstography Awards 2017:

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