The Hipstography Awards 2017 – The Ceremony

By on February 3, 2018


From Dan Mindel

To Marina Sersale for her series "Journey to Iran"


Concerning her series: "I love these pictures; they have love, soul and creativity with minimal effects. They are a great view into a world that very few people have knowledge about…. Travel photography has been a long time favorite of mine and therefore, I am drawn to these photographs."
Dan Mindel


"Journey to Iran" by Marina Sersale

Marina-Sersale-July-2015-portraitName: Marina Sersale
Hometown: Rome, Italy
Resides: Rome, Italy
Profession: I create perfumes
Hobbies: Photography
Hipstographer since: 2013
Year of Birth: 1962

Favorite Combo:  John S  +  BlacKeys SuperGrain 
Favorite Lens:  John S 
Favorite Film:  BlacKeys SuperGrain 
Favorite Flash: None

"I'd been wanting to visit Iran since I was a child. I had a beloved uncle who lived there for many years and his Persian stories fired my imagination at a young age. Finally, in November 2016, I had the oppurtunity of organising a trip so I spent 2 weeks visiting a few of the main sites and cities.
I found Iran even more beautiful and fascinating that I expected, and its people to be the kindest, most charming and welcoming of any country I've ever visited. Now all I think of is going back… "

Marina Sersale


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