The Hipstography Awards 2017 – The Ceremony

By on February 3, 2018


From Allan Bedford

To Lydia Cassatt for her series "The Canadian Arctic and Greenland"


Concerning her series: "I selected Lydia Cassatt's Canadian Arctic and Greenland series based on the strong visual punch of her images. Her excellent use of bright sunlight exposes the raw beauty of this part of the world. And yet, the landscape shots - especially the ice bergs - seem intimate not remote, if that's possible. Including people in some of the photos adds to this sense that this experience is meant to be shared. Lydia's creative uses of a limited availability of colors also helps to add warmth and interest to what might otherwise be a desolate landscape. The series is most successful to me in that it makes me want to travel to this remote destination."
Allan Bedford


"The Canadian Arctic and Greenland'" by Lydia Cassatt

Lydia-Cassatt-Maine-portraitName: Lydia Cassatt
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Resides: Brooksville, Maine
Profession: Artist, Photographer
Hobbies: Travel, yoga, walking, cooking for friends
Hipstographer since: 2012
Year of birth: 1955

Favorite Combo: Too hard to choose only one
Favorite Lens:  Lumière 
Favorite Film:  Hackney 
Favorite Flash:  Apollo 

"These photos were taken on a trip to the Canadian Arctic Islands (Baffin, Devon and Ellesmere) and the West coast of Greenland, aboard the National Geographic Explorer this past August. It is a wild and vast place that has not been open to much travel and there were amazing photographic opportunities. I chose the combo of Gje Gje, Love 81 and Triple Crown to capture the midnight sun, the weather conditions and the ice floes and icebergs. It is majestic and fragile and I am grateful to have traveled there. "
Lydia Cassatt




From Patrick Baz

To Kally Klonaris-Smythe for her combo #578


Concerning her series: "J’aime le côté rétro et la composition. Les photos sont aussi très différentes et elles ne sont pas répétitives"
Patrick Baz


Combo #578 (Kally Klonaris-Smythe)

Lens:  Takashi 
Film:  BlacKeys B+W 
Flash:  Apollo 
Exposure: +0.2 • Vibrancy: -36 • RGB: modified


"This combo was inspired by the natural marine life here in The Bahamas. The subtlety of the colors works perfectly, suggesting what’s possibly there and leaving your mind to fill in the rest. Depending on the lighting, this combo can either produce a minimalist or very detailed photo, which I found to be very fun to work with."
Kally Klonaris-Smythe


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