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By on September 25, 2015

This 300-version of Hipstamatic is quite a bit more complex than the previous version(s), so Hipstography has put together a few tutorials for you. Some of them are already online, others will follow as we go along.


In short, the application now has two shooting modes, Classic Mode and Pro Mode, as well as an editing interface, called The Editing Suite, which is accessible in both modes. The Library and the Store (for buying new Paks) are also accessible in both modes.

Hipstamatic 300 now consists of five interfaces:

1. Classic Mode: this is Hipstamatic’s Classic version, as we know it, apart from a few details. Hence, it is possible to continue using Classic as you always have. That said, it would be a shame to bypass all the wonderful new functions… You can find all the information about Classic Mode, right here.

2. Pro Mode: this is one of the major transformations of 300. This interface allows you to shoot pictures, while allowing you to define a number of parameters (Focus, Exposure, ISO…) before shooting or to chose a different format before shooting your picture. The tutorial can be found here.

3. The Editing Suite: this is where you can change combos, adjust the light exposure, and change the format, and try a different lens/film/flash combo on your shots… This is 300’s main lab! You will spend hours and hours here! All the details are laid out for you in this article.

4. The Library: as a complete overview, this section will allow you to better manage your pictures, as well as sharing them on the many social media platforms and also follow the public’s feedback to your photography. Here’s the tutorial.

5. Store: this section has also been completely reworked; it has a new look and some new functions. The tutorial is in the making.


As if that wasn’t enough… there is more! After having run through the general outline of this version, I also have a few articles lined up about more specific subjects:

"Settings – managing Hipstamatic": you can now tidy up your Hipstamatic catalogue according to your own criteria. This means you can deactivate the lenses, films and flashes that you never use, as well as as putting order in your favorites and combos. All of that can be found here.

"New formats": the square format has always been one of the hallmarks of Hipstamatic, but things move on… so, here are the new ratios that give Hipstamatic a new lease on life! The article can be found here.

"To frame or not to frame": this new option allows you to remove a frame while still maintaining the style of a particular film. It might allow you to rediscover "old" films in a new light! The article will be published in the next few days.

Many more tutorials will be published within the coming weeks, on this page. The articles about this new Hipstamatic version were written based on my experiences with the beta version, which means that there may be a few discrepancies between the beta and the official version. I will be adjusting the tutorials to reflect these changes.

My sincere thanks go out to Joe Morrisey and specially to Barry Conway for their help while writing these tutorials.

Inevitably, Hipstography will also be adapting to the new Hipstamatic version… and I… well, as always, I await your pictures, combos and portfolios! Happy shooting!!

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