The Hipstography Awards 2014 – Nominees for Color Combo of the Year

By on January 25, 2015

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Combo #224 (Sezgi Olgac)

Lens:  Lowy 
Film:  Blanko 1 
Flash: off


"I love this combo for many reasons. Recently, I started looking for minimalism in the pictures I see and create, and the clarity of the Lowy lens satisfied that urge. The depth of the Blanko 1 film only adds to Lowy’s pureness, making everything look wonderful to me. I use this combo in two different ways. Firstly, to take minimalist stills of objects I love, such as books or flowers. Secondly, to capture moments in Istanbul's streets, especially around the old, colorful buildings in places like Balat or Tarlabaşı. Both work very well. Thank you Hipstamatic for this lovely combo and inspiring me for the umpteenth time."
Sezgi Olgac



Combo #231 (Jessy Menchaca)

Lens:  Yoona 
Film:  Blanko 1 
Flash: off


"Built in 1904, the Del Rio National Bank building (now BBVA Compass) stands as the tallest building in town. It has 6 stories, most of which are currently unoccupied. The bank survived the Great Depression, unlike the bank's President, Autrey Walker who took a .38 caliber revolver to his right temple and pulled the trigger. Since the death of Mr. Walker, it is said that the bank is now haunted. Recently, an out of state crew came into town to make restorations to the building and some of the crew members were spooked by voices asking for 'Mr. Walker'…

The photos taken were mainly taken inside of a vault located in the bank's basement. I am no expert in the realm of the supernatural, but I can personally attest to the very creepy feeling that is experienced once you've gone down the staircase that leads to the basement."
Jessy Menchaca



Combo #252 (Selina Gascoigne)

Lens:  G2 
Film:  RTV 
Flash:  Jolly Rainbo 2X 


"Two summers ago, I went with some friends down to this pier on the outer skirts of Melbourne. I spent the day capturing the activities & scenery around the gorgeous old pier. I had Hipstamatic set up with G2 & RTV for a challenge on IG & it worked well to capture that summers day. "
Selina Gascoigne



Combo #268 (Lee Atwell)

Lens:  Sergio 
Film:  Blanko 1 
Using:  Oggl 


"One of the many beautiful things about living in the Pacific Northwest is that you can be in the highest mountains and then within a few hours be at the seashore. I went on a few photography adventures recently (to the mountains, the sea and a local community garden) with this combo in mind as I love how the film adds the painterly texture with such a deep green tinge to the sky and sea and allows the pinks, oranges and yellows to 'pop.' The lens adds a dreamy quality with the blurred vignetting. A special thanks to Cindy Buske for inspiring this combo."
Lee Atwell



Combo #292 (Christine Mignon)

Lens:  Ray Mark II 
Film:  Rasputin 
Using:  Oggl 


"The greek island of Zakynthos has a special place in my heart. I visited this place so many times, but this summer it was my first time there with Hipstamatic. The island is famous for it's beautiful beaches and bays, for it's crystal clear water and the turtles breeding there, as well as the Smuggler's Wreck, a ship washed ashore, slowly sinking in the white sands. The combo of Ray Mark II and Rasputin perfectly expresses the atmosphere and warmth of this fantastic mediterranean spot."
Christine Mignon



Combo #304 (Ger van den Elzen)

Lens:  Jane 
Film:  Rasputin 
Flash: off


"This series was made during my trips to the Dutch island of Texel this year. I really wanted to create a series of ‘Dutch Horizons’ that show how summer and autumn would look and feel here on the island. The weather conditions were just perfect. The beautiful daylight threw a very warm and colorful contrast across the landscape. These conditions led me to the use of Jane Lens and the Rasputin Film. I personally considered this to be the perfect combo. It is simply amazing to see the variegation that this island, with an area of only 463,3 square kilometers, has to offer. I really enjoyed my stay here at Texel. Till we will meet again!"
Ger van den Elzen



Combo #308 (Susan Rennie)

Lens:  Tejas 
Film:  Rasputin 
Using: Oggl


"Oregon has perhaps the most stunning coastline in America, and I have driven it many times, first photographing it with my big DSLR, then the last three years with my iPhone. With Hipstamatic I have been able to experience the photographic images in multiple ways. This past summer I was surprised to see what pleasing images I got with Tejas and Rasputin. I have often gone to Rasputin for rich color, but Tejas -- with its south-western palette -- provided a warmth and softness that enhanced the painterly quality of the photos."
Susan Rennie



Combo #310 (Philippe Durand)

Lens:  Florence 
Film:  Blanko 
Flash: off


"Visiting Santorini is like stepping into a picture postcard. With this is a series I tried adopt a different view, squinting my eyes against the bright sun, the blue sky and the blinding white walls. In order to adhere to my “different” view of things, it was necessary to bypass the glaring white/blue hues of the Greek isles, which is why I chose the desaturated colours and off-whites that come with Florence. Blanko adds a white border that enhances these tones while contrasting nicely with the absence of it in the pictures themselves."
Philippe Durand


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