The Hipstography Awards 2016 – Nominees for Color Combo of the Year

By on January 25, 2017

Which are your favorite 3 combos? You can vote for one of them, or two or three, it’s entirely up to you; the maximum, however, is three.

Only one vote per person is allowed.

Voting for this category will end on Saturday January 28th.


Combo #443 (Stavros Dimakopoulos)

Lens:  Mabel 
Film:  Otto 
Flash:  RedEye Gel 


"The pictures in this series record the "Halcyon Days" (calmer periods during the winter, when there are no storms) in Greece. Taken in various coastal areas, where people go to bask in the sun, go fishing or practice water sports,  the photos reflect this year's mild winter. The color palette of this combo consists of a yellowish base, provided by the Mabel lens, although there are various warm tones too, as a result of the RedEye Gel Flash. Otto film offers a considerably intense contrast, especially when shooting into the sun; the silhouettes appear to be rigid and dramatic, with heavy shadows, while the blue sky and sea are bathed in purple hues."
Stavros Dimakopoulos


Combo #447 (Brett Evan Gross)

Lens:  Doris 
Film:  Cheshire 


"Ho Chi Minh is hot and sweaty, while the Vietnamese countryside is lush. I loved hanging out in the city, where people are extremely friendly and know how to relax amidst the city-chaos. I only got a bit of the countryside this time: Quy Nhon and Hoi An. While the Doris lens is a challenge because it’s rather dark, sunshine brings out incredible detail and shadows add a bit of drama. Cheshire, my new favorite, gives the photos a gritty energy. I can’t wait to get back to Vietnam for a short trip next month!"
Brett Evan Gross


Combo #459 (Marieke van Oyen)

Lens:  Eric 
Film:  Indio 


"The Eric lens produces beautiful contrasts of dark and light, hot and cold. I particularly like the blues, which are actually more of a bluish-white, topped with an orange-like sauce. I paired it with the Indio film and, in my opinion, it’s a combo that works great for outdoor photography."
Marieke van Oyen


Combo #462 (Lori Hillsberg)

Lens:  Burke 
Film:  Robusta 


"I recently vacationed in Puerto Rico and I fell in love with its easy going happy, relaxed style. Burke and Robusta made the perfect combination to show off its greenish-blue tropical carefree style. It worked for the Caribbean Blues and the old world feel of Old San Juan."
Lori Hillsberg


Combo #465 (Lee Atwell)

Lens:  Dee 
Film:  Robusta 
Using:  Oggl 


"April in California"

"In April, our yoga teacher turned 93 years old and we took a road trip from Washington State to California to attend his birthday celebration. The coastline of California is breathtaking with many of the spring flowers in full bloom. Although we only stopped briefly in San Francisco, it was great to capture a few of its iconic homes painted in pastel colors. I chose the Dee Lens to add warm golden tones to the scenery, to accentuate the turquoise tones of the ocean and to highlight the beauty of the blue sky. The Robusta Film gives the photos a painterly and vintage quality."
Lee Atwell


Combo #477 (Vytautas Ambrazas)

Lens:  Florence 
Film:  Blanko 


"Forecast was predicting a fairly cold and rainy July weekend. That didn’t change our plans and early Friday morning we headed out. We didn't have a clear plan, just a vague destination. Slow ride with stops at small towns, beaches with long walks and unexpected rains... Knowing that you have no destination is best, it frees the soul. The scenery, the tides and the weather of coastal Maine fit our moods just right or it was us that fit there so well?!  It's good to be in love."
Vytautas Ambrazas


Combo #482 (Nadia Cianelli)

Lens:  Diego 
Film:  Robusta 


"This series is from my trip to Amazonas - Brazil in July 2016. I spent a month sailing up the Rio Amazonas, from the mouth, Belem, to the border with Colombia and Perù: "las tres fronteras". Cloudy skies, the rainforest's strip of green, sandy coloured water... while on deck, you swing in your hammock as the boat slowly goes up river; the small villages on wooden stilts, canoes, floating forest, indios and shamans: the experience was magical. I used my favourite combo, Diego/Robusta: the perfect combination for my way of perceiving things."
Nadia Cianelli


Combo #491 (Christine Mignon)

Lens:  Stavros 
Film:  Love 81 
Flash:  Apollo (40%) 
Highlights: -12 • Shadows: +72


"The pictures of this collection were taken in Lisbon, Innsbruck, Neusiedler Lake and Sicily. The crispy clear sharpness of the Stavros lens creates a rather cold atmosphere, so I added some warmth by using Love 81 film and Apollo flash."
Christine Mignon


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