The Hipstography Awards 2016 – The Ceremony

By on February 4, 2017


Welcome to the Hipstography Awards 2016


It’s with tremendous pleasure that we welcome you all to the fourth edition of the Hipstography Awards. These awards were initially hosted after the first year of the site’s existence and it is, above all else, a tribute to Hipstamatic but also, the perfect opportunity for the entire community of hipstographers to get together and celebrate the power and inspiration of the finest photo application out there.

The thing that distinguishes Hipstamatic from all other apps is its community spirit; despite all the social, cultural, political or generational disparities, it’s a small yellow button that unites us. It has been stated time after time, but it can’t be repeated enough, Hipstography would not exist if it weren’t for the incredible community of hipstographers. Thank you all!

Awards_Ceremony-HipstaKid-2That said, the Hipstography Awards is, of course, a competition with some winning while others do not, but what a lovely occasion to revisit all those wonderful photographs that left their mark on 2016. Like other years, thirty-odd awards will be attributed and this year, you were particularly numerous in voting: over 20.000 votes were recorded over the ensemble of categories! These were added to the jury’s votes in order to determine the winners.

The platform of the ceremony will be identical to last year's: we’ll start with the 17 awards in the Major Prizes Awards, which will be presented for 17 individual pictures. The Special Awards will follow and we’ll conclude the 2016 ceremony with 10 awards in the Grand Prizes Awards, which will go to 5 combos and 5 portfolios.

Before announcing the winners, we’d like to present the prestigious Jury of this 2016 edition. We really want to thank them for the time and effort they put into this project, despite their hefty schedules. They all voted and notwithstanding the eclecticism and very contrasting sensibilities, the jury had quite a number of personal "crushes" in most of the Grand Prizes Awards, with two series scoring almost complete unanimity.

So, it’s with a distinct sense of satisfaction that we can now disclose the members of the jury in these 2016 Hipstography Awards:


Known for his collaborative work with film directors, such as
Ridley Scott, Tony Scott and J.J. Abrams, and for his work
as the director of photography on "Star Wars: The Force Awakens":

Dan Mindel


Recognized as world-renown photographers and artists, whose names
have been associated with Hipstamatic in one way or another:

Victoria Will
Ben Watts
Chris Hornbecker
Chiun-Kai Shih
David Loftus
Diego Uchitel
Elijah Nouvelage
Kevin Tachman


Acknowledged journalists, photojournalists and pioneers in the mobile
photography scene, inspiring many a-user with their professional know-how:

Graeme Roy
Patrick Baz
Richard Koci Hernandez
Samuel Gasc
Simone Muresu


They are in fact… Hipstamatic:

Ryan Dorshorst
Lucas Buick
Mario Estrada
Allan Bedford

They will be presented in more detail during the course of the ceremony, but without much ado, here are the winners of the 2016 Hipstography Awards. Let’s get this party started!
Eric Rozen

The Ceremony takes up a full 19 pages! All you need to do is click
the red button at the bottom of each page... follow the guide.
You can also choose which page you want to access via
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First part of the Hipstography Awards 2016:

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