The Hipstography Awards 2016 – The Ceremony

By on February 4, 2017

From David Loftus

To Christine Mignon for her Combo #473 and her Combo #491


Concerning her series: "Christine Mignon for constantly observing, recording and often dazzling!"
David Loftus


Combo #473 (Christine Mignon)

Lens:  Salvador 84 (45%) 
Film:  Love 81 (55%) 
Flash:  Jolly Rainbo 2X 
Vignette: 10


"As a total control freak, it was a special challenge for me to make the Salvador 84 lens work. I like the lens's golden glow and greenish tones, which I paired with the scratchy texture of my favorite film, Love 81 (without the frame). The pictures were taken over the past ten month. I tried to find motifs that fit the Salvador lens and by shaking the iPhone I changed Salvador's different effects, until I got what I wanted."
Christine Mignon


Combo #491 (Christine Mignon)

Lens:  Stavros 
Film:  Love 81 
Flash:  Apollo (40%) 
Highlights: -12 • Shadows: +72


"The pictures of this collection were taken in Lisbon, Innsbruck, Neusiedler Lake and Sicily. The crispy clear sharpness of the Stavros lens creates a rather cold atmosphere, so I added some warmth by using Love 81 film and Apollo flash."
Christine Mignon


From Ben Watts

To Julia Nathanson for her series "In The Lane"


Concerning her series: "I really like this color portfolio; I just love the color and simplicity of it... also luv the fact that she, literally, found inspiration in her back lane. The story is funny too and the humor shows in the work... shhhhh."
Ben Watts



From Allan Bedford

To Julia Nathanson for her series "In The Lane"


Concerning her series: "I very much enjoyed Julia's alley photos. These alleys are an integral part of the west end of the city of Toronto. They provide pedestrian routes to avoid the busier streets, while also offering a multitude of outdoor canvases that are very often celebrated with public art, in the form of colorful graffiti. Julia's series captures the character and the aesthetics of these alleys very well."
Allan Bedford


"In The Lane" by Julia Nathanson

Julia-Nathanson-Portfolio-summer-portraitName: Julia Nathanson
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Resides: Toronto, Canada
Profession: full-time mom/indentured servant
Hobbies: aimless wandering, yoga, Netflix
Hipstographer since: 2011
Year of Birth: 1974

Favorite Combo:  Lowy  +  Otto 
Favorite Lens: it’s evolving
Favorite Film:  Otto 
Favorite Flash: rarely use

""Excuse me! What are you doing back here?!" A woman was yelling at me. "I'm taking pictures of the laneway. I like taking pictures of garages and stuff," I explained. "Well, that’s dumb," she informed me.
Dumb though it may be, I continue to be inspired by the city’s laneways. Toronto has over 250 km worth, and I’ve only explored a small fraction. I’m amazed at how the same laneway appears different depending on the time of day, season, direction I’m headed, or my frame of mind. No care has been taken to impress the neighbours here. The laneways are where people park their cars, can tomatoes, learn to ride a bike. Quiet spaces where neglect fosters wild growth and where layers of peeling paint create an accidental yet irresistible beauty.

Julia Nathanson


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