The Hipstography Awards 2014 – The Ceremony

By on February 8, 2015


From Graeme Roy to Matthew Wylie
for the body of his work.


Concerning Matthew Wylie: "Matthew Wylie should have special mention because of the quality of his entries over all. He has an amazing eye and an ability to catch quirky details that when combined with excellent framing makes for a very large number of highly compelling photos. When you add to this fantastic ability to see photos with his high skill level in using various combos, it creates a very impressive package indeed. His black and white work in the Monochrome Combos category along with his photos in the Street Photography Combos highlight his extraordinary talent in my eye. This along with other very strong submissions make him worthy of a special judge’s mention."
Graeme Roy

Combo #248 (Matthew Wylie)

Lens:  Akira 
Film:  US1776 
Flash: off


"This combo is a slightly lighter parallel to the John S/US1776 combo. The Akira lens provides some of those same (though less intense) overly saturated greenish smudges in the corners and works well in contrast with the naturally bright canvas that the US1776 film is going to provide. Not my favourite black and white combo, but it should be considered alongside the classic John S/US1776 and G2/US1776 combos. Out of all of these though, the Akira combo seems to work better on overcast days, so it’s a win-win in terms of working quite decently in a variety of natural lighting conditions. "
Matthew Wylie

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