The Hipstography Awards 2015 – The Ceremony

By on February 9, 2016


From Daniel Berman to Adria Ellis

Concerning Adria Ellis: "I’d like to give a "Special Reservoir_Dan Award" to Adria Ellis for her consistent drive to conquer new boundaries in her work, both in presentation and in content. Her combos are awesome and always fit the subject matter."
Daniel Berman

Adria-Ellis-Tokyo-portraitName: Adria Ellis
Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado
Resides: Boulder, Colorado
Profession: Photographer, Instagram Brand Ambassador
Hobbies: Travel, Yoga and of course photography
Hipstographer since: 2011
Year of Birth: 1971

Favorite Combo:  Jack London  +  Blanko 
Favorite Lens:  Jack London 
Favorite Film:  Blanko 
Favorite Flash: I don’t really use the flash.


"The Hip side of Tokyo" by Adria Ellis

"I just spent 12 wonderful days in Tokyo: me and my iPhone. I’m not one to commit to a single city, but it just may be that Tokyo is my new favorite. Tokyo has little pieces of all of my favorite cities from around the world, in addition to a style of its own. This Tokyo style is hip, current, fast moving, and original. The beauty of this modern elegance is that it is paired perfectly with old world charm and a beautiful history. The marriage of the two is this photographer’s dream come true. I’m sharing 30 images with you using the Jack London lens and Blanko film. This became my go-to on this trip. Clean, simple, a little boost of contrast and the clarity to let Tokyo come through loud and clear. Hope you enjoy a few of my favorite things, the people, the style, the subways, and the food!"
Adria Ellis



"India from the Hip" by Adria Ellis

"For years I felt drawn to India, but I was afraid. I thought it would be too hard, too painful, and I wasn’t sure I was up for that level of intensity and adventure. This all changed unexpectedly and I have never looked back. Never have I been more taken, felt more stimulated, and experienced so much color, sound and emotion. As wonderful as all of India is, my favorite part is the people. They smile, they appear happy, and they love to be photographed. I hope you enjoy these images and can get a sense of how beautiful and powerful India truly is."
Adria Ellis


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