The Hipstography Awards 2015 – The Ceremony

By on February 9, 2016


From Ben Watts


From Hipstamatic

to Alon Goldsmith for his portfolio "Loose in LA"


Concerning his portfolio: "Love the color and vibrancy! Very similar to what I do - great impact!"
Ben Watts

"Alon’s light is so recognizable and special. His high contrast, sunset silhouettes of skateboarders are some of my favorites shots of his."


"Loose in LA" by Alon Goldsmith

Alon-Goldsmith-Loose-in-LA-portraitName: Alon Goldsmith
Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa
Resides: Los Angeles, USA
Profession: Creative Director - Copywriter
Hobbies: Photography, Music, Cycling
Hipstographer since: 2010
Year of Birth: 1961

Favorite Combo:  Lowy  +  Irom 2000 
Favorite Lens:  Lowy 
Favorite Film:  Robusta 
Favorite Flash:  Jolly Rainbo 2X 

"Los Angeles gets a bad rap as a place with no history, culture or soul. Wrong! This town is totally chockablock with fabulous freaks, endless inspiration, and awesome surprises around every corner. Head out into the streets of the City of Angels and keep your phone dialed in to Hipstamatic or Oggl. And don't bother putting it your pocket—it won't be there very long."
Alon Goldsmith


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