A small summer break

By on August 12, 2018

After a few months of non-stop work, Hipstography is going on a little holiday... Two weeks of rest and relaxation will be a welcome break before the last few months of this year, which will be loaded. We have a few projects in mind, such as a new collection of Hipstography combos, not to mention the Hipstography awards!

If you’d like to take a chance at winning an Award, we’d suggest you not wait until October or November to send your series in. Take a browse through your photo library and select about 20 pictures; same format with only one combo for the "Combos" section or a mix of maximum two combos for the "Portfolios" section.  Publish your series somewhere (on Facebook, Flickr…) and send us the link through our Contact page or on our Hipstography Facebook page.

The choice is entirely yours as far as combo and subject goes. If you are lacking inspiration, take a look at the Combos section, the Portfolios or… why not use one of our very own Combos from our Hipstography collections: The Organic Collection, The Lush Collection, The Candy Collection, The Cosmetic Collection or one of the most recent ones, The Nostalgic Collection and The Hellenic Collection.


If you missed last year’s ceremony, you can find it here. The 2016 edition can be found here. And good luck to you all!

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